Shibabrata Mondal - 24/Oct/2016

Announcing some New Features 24.10.2016


On 25th July, we had announced a bunch of new features. Below is a list of new features we added in the last few weeks since then.

On Premise Exchange server

With addition of this feature now you can now sync your calendar with on premise Exchange server.

Single Signon with On Premise AD

If you are using a local on premise AD for managing identity within your organization, now you can use the same identity to access Wizergos.

On Premise AD groups

With addition of this feature now you can integrate with AD groups and use these groups to invite attendees to meetings.

Smart Scheduling

Suggest Time

While creating a meeting, one can use the suggest time feature to find a list of times, rooms, conferences that are available and most optimum for all attendees.

Meeting Ratings

This is a simple rating feature. At the end of each meeting all attendees will be alerted to vote if the objectives of the meetings were achieved and if not what were the issues.

Parking Lot

During meetings often many topics comes up that are important but nevertheless, one does not want to discuss those and derail the current meeting. These topics can be put in a parking lot and picked up in future meetings.

Meeting Attendance

With this feature the tool lets you track meeting attendance.

Exporting AIs to spreadsheet

With this feature one can export AIs to a spreadsheet.

Importing AIs from spreadsheet

With this feature one can import AIs from a spreadsheet. This is useful specially when you are starting to use the tool and want to import existing AIs that you were managing thus far using spreadsheet.

Saved Search and Sharing of AI lists

Using this feature one can save a custom search list of AIs and share it with team members.

Import office and meeting room details from Office 365

If you are using office 365, now with this feature you can import office and meeting room details.


Shibabrata Mondal