Shibabrata Mondal - 04/Jul/2016

Announcing some new features – 4.7.2016



In middle of May this year we had released the beta version of our Meeting and Action Item Management software. Last one and a half months we have been listening to our current beta users. Thank you for using the product and providing us with your valuable feedback. Most of these new features are in reaction to feedback received from one of you.

Single Sign on

We still support Identity management by Wizergos. However if you already use one of the SAML based Identity Management services (like OKTA) you can change the authentication method from the Admin page and from then on all users in your organization can sign on using the same enterprise username and password.

Integration with conferencing systems

Remote meetings between geographically distributed teams is a common practise. We have integrated with two types of conference systems that you can use when setting up and attending meetings.

Static Conferencing Systems

These are conferencing systems that your company leased. You get a conference number and pass code and URL using which you can do meetings any time. However if multiple teams are using the same conference then you would have to reserve and conference for your time slots. Our tool will provide the reservation system that you can use internally so that multiple teams can use the same conference numbers without accidentally setting up two meetings at the same time.

Dynamic Conferencing Systems

These are conference systems that can dynamically generate a new meeting ID for each time you set up a meeting. We have integrated one such tool (Webex). Now when creating meeting, you can setup a webex from the Wizergos meeting creation page itself.

Email Groups

Email groups are a good way to communicate with team members. We have integrated with google groups. Now you can add users or invite team members to meetings using google groups.



Attach files or photos from your desktop or mobile phones to Action Items, Meeting Agenda, Preparation, Minutes, Decisions, Notes.

Google drive

Attach a google drive document to Action Items, Meeting Agenda, Preparation, Minutes, Decisions, Notes.

Additional Meeting Features


Record Decisions and agreement to decisions.

Follow up Meetings

Create follow-up meetings with a simple one click interface.

Messages to all meeting attendees

Send and receive broadcast messages to all attendees of a meeting.

TODO for team members

See TODO list of your team members: which Action Items are they working on and which Meetings are they going to attend.

Organizational NEWS

Get news when team members join or leave the organization. Celebrate birthdays and work anniversaries of your team members.

Smart Scheduling of Action Items

When assigning and setting due dates for action item get help from the tool to check feasibility based on the current load on the assignee. Review and Manage the list of Action Items that are under schedule risk due to overload on the assignee.


Not every type of problem are best solved in meetings. Sometimes asking questions and letting your teammates answer is the best way to share the knowledge. Using ASK, your organization can create and manage your internal proprietary knowledge of the team.

Shibabrata Mondal