Shibabrata Mondal - 07/Aug/2017

Chat with THPL


Wizergos sat down for a chat with one of the top users of the Wizergos Meetings and Action Item Management Product, Sanketh Koka, Regional Manager West Operations at THPL. It was a great opportunity for us to understand how the Product is being used and how we can improve to help our users even more. Below is an excerpt from the session.

[Wizergos]: Tell us a little bit about THPL and its business.

[Sanketh]: Trent Hypermarket is a multi-brand retail chain. We are a joint venture between Tesco and Tata. We are in business for last 15 years. We have stores in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Hyderabad.

[Wizergos]: How many employees do you have?

[Sanketh]: At this point we are more than 2500 strong company.

[Wizergos]: What made you look for a Meeting Management Product?

[Sanketh]: Well, the key goal was to reduce duplication and effort. We wanted to better control and follow up on next steps. Meetings were [earlier] driven on MS office products, this resulted different structures in different meetings. Next steps in meetings if not captured would be missed and users not attending a meeting would not be aware of any next steps they were responsible for.

[Wizergos]: Did you evaluate other products?

[Sanketh]: Yes, we did look at a few.

[Wizergos]: What helped you choose Wizergos?

[Sanketh]: Wizergos was simpler to use and the most holistic of the solutions we looked at. Also cost and customer support was great. A good mobile app was also very important for our use case.

[Wizergos]: How have you benefited from using our product?

[Sanketh]: Too early to quantify the benefit, however the user acceptance has been great. Users have understood that the product will make work simpler. Meeting management is automated and with each feature being utilised better, meeting management will move away from dependence on email and MS office tools

Shibabrata Mondal