Shibabrata Mondal - 10/Apr/2016

Critical information lost in meetings

Take a moment and think of some of the meetings you attended recently. Where are all those Preparation, Agenda, Minutes, Decisions, Notes, Action Items stored? All these constitute a vast wealth of information and knowledge. Wouldn’t it be useful if all these were contextually organized and stored in some central location and easily available to all who need, whenever they need?

There are surveys that studied productivity and usefulness of meetings. These reports show that the number of meetings and amount of time spent in meetings are increasing for corporations. Most of these articles conclude by saying that one must reduce the amount of time spent in meetings with the assumption that every minute spent in meetings costs the company large sums of money. While there is clearly some truth in these findings, one important aspect of meetings, that often gets ignored in these studies, is how one could manage the information and knowledge generated from these meetings to improve the productivity of not only the attendees but also of future employees who would work on related topics.

Clearly, one important topic to investigate and study is “how to make these meetings create wealth for the organizations”. While it is important to look at the cost of meetings, it is also important to see how the value can be enhanced. One clear way is to harness the vast amount of information and knowledge that gets created in these meetings.

The economic cost of information loss in enterprises can be astoundingly high. A lot of these important information is hidden in some mailbox or desktop documents in the form of Preparation, Agenda, Minutes, Decisions, Notes, Action Items and their resolutions. An easy to use tool for these not only allows for storage and retrieval for future reference, it actually increases the quality and quantity of these information created. The way forward for modern organizations is to harness all these information and increase collective organizational intelligence.

The Wizergos Meeting Management tool allows teams to seamlessly manage and store all these critical information and make them available to everybody in the organization or keep them private among the attendees of the meeting.

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Shibabrata Mondal