Sushma S - 28/Dec/2017

Debunking the myths about Meetings

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The myths surrounding meetings give them a bad and an unfair reputation. Meetings are meant to be the most productive part of your day if handled well and many issues associated with them can be eliminated by technology and by following good practices.

Myth #1: A rough agenda will suffice

There should always be a Goal Oriented Agenda for a meeting since meetings are mostly the best platform to brainstorm, solve problems and make decisions.

Myth #2: Meetings should cover as many topics as possible

Rather than frenetically listing all the topics that need to be covered in a single meeting, start with a clear scope, limit the agenda items, Allot Time to each Agenda Item,  stop off topic discussions before they take over the meeting and move them to a Parking Lot. Focus on achieving the goals for the meeting.

Myth #3: You can count on people to do what they say they will do

Good, hardworking people might not be able to keep up their word because they are busy and working more hours than they want to work. If you want progress, you must make it a habit to Assign Action Items to people and follow up on the progress.

Myth #4: Going through the minutes of the meeting is unnecessary

Minutes of meeting capture Action Items, record Decisions, inform others and serve as an important point of reference.

Myth #5: Every meeting should contain a powerpoint presentation to add value

Powerpoint is one of the most important tools and has the ability to showcase a lot of information in a way that people can follow. But you need to understand why the meeting is being held, is it to have a conversation or to share information? Powerpoint does not encourage conversation and usually, people end up thinking about other things and not ask the right questions.

Eliminating these myths and introducing change in your meeting management techniques is much easier than you think.

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Sushma S