Shibabrata Mondal - 10/Mar/2016

Do Not Disturb


There are many studies that shows a lot of data on how the modern knowledge workers get interrupted which results in huge productivity loss. But, even without going into the details of the data, any professional will attest to the fact that with the advent of new tools and gadgets the amount of interruptions have gone up sometimes offsetting the productivity increase brought about by the same tools and gadgets. Off course, tools and gadgets are not the only source of interruptions, the good old “coworker drop by” and Multitasking (often self inflicted) are other major sources of interruption.

The multifaceted roles of a knowledge worker demands the occasional interruption to take care of some urgent issues or help out a coworker make progress on some critical task. However, some complex work requires one to pull down the shutters and focus on it for few hours and get in the zone. Some studies have also shown getting into the zone together as a team is even more effective and enjoyable and fosters a team engagement. It is also possible that different people have a different time of the day when they are more inclined to get into the zone, something that one must find and use. Having said that we do need to recognize that sometimes it might even be good to get interrupted and take an unscheduled break to recharge oneself and recollect one’s thoughts.

The Wizergos work management tool can help manage and alleviate some of these issues. The “Do not Disturb” feature allows the team know when the drop by is not welcome. The tool itself honors the “Do not Disturb” by making sure notifications are minimized. The “office hours” is a way to set aside some time for teammates to drop by for the ad hoc discussions. The meeting time selection feature tries to minimize the interruptions caused by meetings for all invitees.

Try out Wizergos to find out how it can help reduce interruption and improve productivity and happiness in your team.


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Shibabrata Mondal