Shibabrata Mondal - 04/Feb/2019

How Chatbots are Transforming the Healthcare Industry


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In healthcare both patients and care providers can benefit immensely from a more engaged relationship with each other. Patients would benefit from the easy access to information about healthcare services they are looking for. Providers would be able to provide higher quality service and improve the quality of their business.

Chatbot and Livechat solutions on websites and mobile APPs is a promising new technology that is improving provider-patient engagement levels and transforming healthcare business. While few organizations have taken a lead on this, many are lagging behind. If you are a leader in the healthcare industry, it would be a mistake to not start looking at this new way to engage with your patients.

Use cases of Chatbots in the Healthcare Industry

  • Appointment with Doctor: Hospitals can support appointment scheduling through the chatbot. The chatbot can be trained to ask specific questions regarding reasons for the appointment, preferred time and then help schedule the appointment with the appropriate healthcare specialist or doctor.

  • Lab Reports and Health information: Hospitals can integrate chatbot with internal Information Systems and allow patients to collect lab reports, download or review past health information including visits, prescriptions.

  • Triage: Hospitals can train the bot to ask simple questions for patients to answer, in order to conduct simple triage to suggest the right doctor to visit or specific health services to opt for.

  • Online Consultation: Hospitals could support online consultation with doctors for new patients or existing patients. This can be very useful for new patients before they visit the hospital, or for patients seeking second opinion.

  • General Information: The chatbot can be trained to support general queries like location, timings, doctors available, services provided, general health information like spread of infectious diseases in the area.
  • Sensitive Issues: Some health issues are stigmatized in different cultures. In these cases patients might suffer more due to lack of accurate information to take care of themselves. Health institutions can provide trained Chatbot as a service to the patients in their community to alleviate these problems.
  • Personalized Care Suggestions: Chatbot can be used to provide personalized health services that is most suitable for the specific patient. This helps the patient get the best healthcare options available that is most suitable for them based on their past health history.

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