Sushma S - 01/Feb/2018

How voice assistants can make you more productive


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For the sake of simplicity. Let’s visualize a meeting environment with a host, a couple of attendees and a transcriber to jot down the meeting minutes. During the meeting as in all meetings, there are ideas being generated, decisions being recorded and tasks being assigned. All of what transpires in a meeting is usually recorded by the assistant who is the transcriber. Though you find him or her continuously scribbling away during the meeting, there is a good chance that he/she might miss something which accounts to the human error factor. This is when speech recognition feature can make all the difference.

With advances in AI/ML and relatively cheaper cloud computing, today’s Speech recognition technology is 3x faster than typing and also is more accurate than typing.

To understand how speech assistance makes us more productive, we need to visit some facts. In the above scenario, the assistant’s job is not just to make note of everything that transpires in a meeting but also includes separating idle chatter from important topics and making a note of it. According to a recent study, people who multitask in a meeting are 50% more likely to make errors which can lead to over $450 billion in loss per year which makes implementing this the need of the hour.

We must never forget that voice is an extremely powerful tool because that is how ideas are generated, decisions are recorded and tasks are assigned. Yet, most of this can be missed due to messy handwriting, incomplete notes, etc. All of this can change with the introduction of AI and speech recognition. This is what we are trying to achieve through Wizergos.

Wizergos is a meeting and action management software that uses AI, machine learning and speech recognition to make meetings more effective in organizations. In the above scenario, Wizergos will not just transcribe the entire meeting but it will also mail the entire minutes to all the participants thereby eliminating any scope for errors. You can also use Wizergos to schedule a series of meetings, assign agenda, track preparation, decision and action items thereby, providing you with the best of technology and wrapping it as a SaaS software for ease of use.

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