Shibabrata Mondal - 12/Apr/2016

Making Meetings Work

Meetings are the butt of many jokes at almost any workplace. Knowledge workers love to talk about how meetings are productivity killers. There are many articles with interesting and innovative suggestions (like kill meetings) on how to avoid meetings. Makes one wonder why do we still have these many meetings? One of the reason is lack of alternatives. And off course the fact that meeting is the best available tool for collaborative, interactive problem solving.

Do you need this meeting?

For knowledge workers, meetings are one way to discuss and get to know about each other’s work and status and common issues. In the modern virtually connected world, an intelligent and comprehensive work management tool that allows smart information sharing and keeps everybody more aware of what is going on would definitely reduce the need for some of these meetings. So next time you set up a meeting first ask yourself, do you really need this meeting? Can some form of information sharing obviate the need for this meeting?

Fragmentation of the day

Another big productivity problem with meetings is not what happens in the meetings but the fact that they are scheduled in the middle of the day such that it does not allow for long alone-time for focused creative work. An intelligent meeting management tool that understands each user’s needs, and suggests optimal timings for meetings can help teams produce more outside of the meetings. When setting up the next meeting spare a few moments thought on the time you select.


However the most important problem in the way we conduct meetings today is the amount of critical information that gets lost in emails and documents. A Meeting Management software that stores, shares all these information in Agenda, Minutes, Decisions can increase the value of meetings manifold. Similarly the ability to track Preparations and Action Items for meetings take a load off meeting hosts.


Another important aspect of meeting productivity is to make sure all attendees come to the meeting fully prepared. This makes sure the facetime in meetings is used most effectively.


Finally, one must be able to define and measure outcomes to improve anything. Meetings are no exceptions.

Wizergos Meeting Management tool is designed to solve the Information Management and Action Item Management problems. Additionally, actionable descriptive analytics helps teams understand how they are spending their time and how they can improve productivity.

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Shibabrata Mondal