Shibabrata Mondal - 19/Sep/2017

New Feature: Appointment Board


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We have added a new feature and we are very excited about it. So we thought of sharing some details on it with you.

We are calling this new feature “Appointment Board”. Below we describe some of the use cases of this feature. You can start using this feature today if any of these below use cases fits your role.

Recruiting: If you work in HR or you are currently growing your team, interview scheduling must be a complex and time consuming job. We can help. Read the two blogs below to see how:

Field Sales, Pre Sales Support, Inside Sales, Marketing: If you have complex high touch products or services for enterprises; and an account is won after multiple meetings with different people in your customer’s organizations, it must be a daunting task. See how Wizergos can automate this process:

Vendor Management: If you work with Vendors and Partners who needs to meet you often, here is how we can help automate the process:

Senior Executive: As a Senior Executive if you want to promote an open door policy, you can use this feature to set aside some time each week for ad hoc One-on-One Meetings with anyone in your team. This tool will help automate this.

Note that this feature is available as part of our Appointment Package and if you don’t see it then ask your Admin to add this package for you.

Shibabrata Mondal