Shibabrata Mondal - 25/Jul/2016

New Features 25.7.2016



On 4th July, we had announced a bunch of new features. Below is a list of new features we added in the last few weeks since then.

Office 365 Email Groups Integration

We already supported integration with google groups for users who use “google for work” as their email service. Now we have also added office365 integration for Email Groups for users who are using Office 365 as email service and distribution lists.

Office 365 AD

We already supported OKTA based single sign on. Now, with this feature users who are already using Office 365 can use this feature to manage user authentications.

Office 365 and Google Calendar Sync

Calendar sync is a quick and simple way to get all the meetings that you host on Outlook or Google calendar into the Wizergos calendar. This is an easy way to move all meetings to the Wizergos tool and also start using the advanced features of the Wizergos tool for your existing meetings. Using Sync you can also keep all records in one place.

Smart Scheduling of Meetings

Tool Assisted Room and Conference Selection

Finding the right rooms for all attendees in all offices is often a time consuming task while setting up a meeting. This feature will help with this task. The tool will intelligently suggest the most appropriate rooms and conference that you can select.

In-tool notifications for Action Items

With this feature you can get notifications for Action Item in the tool itself. This will also help reduce the volume of emails that earlier was cluttering your inbox.

Time Keeper for Meetings

With this feature, in the meeting detail page, one can see see a countdown timer for each agenda and the meeting. This is a small help to keep Agenda Items to its time limits in meetings.


Wize Team

Today’s teams are self organizing. Organization charts are no longer the only construct that defines a team. Wize Team allows anyone to create and manage teams. These teams can be used to set up meetings.

Organization Change Workflow

With this feature teams can create and manage organization chart by themselves. Anyone can initiate an organization chart change. When all the responsible parties approve the change, it takes effect and is reflected in the tool.

Shibabrata Mondal