George Thomas - 16/Mar/2018

Prepare for a useful Quarterly Business Review


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“We do all kinds of  analytics around sales data and a lot of other pieces of information. What if we apply the same type of rigour on how people spend their time at work”,

said Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft in a recent interview.


Clearly he knows, around 30% of senior Executive time is spent on meetings, and if there is a way to maximize the productivity of meetings, it can have a profound impact on the organization.

A Quarterly Business Review (QBR) is a case in point. Executives travel to corporate office or an offsite location and spend 2-3 days every quarter, discussing about operating plans, strategies, and business review among other things. The intent is to review the last quarters business and plan the initiatives for the next few quarters. These often involves brainstorming sessions, which can quickly degenerate into detailing of the first and most vocal idea. Action items are not always documented and followed through. Decisions are not properly recorded and vetted. Discussion summaries are not captured and distributed. There is also no means to cross check to the meeting series back in time and analyze results. Let’s examine the process of making a QBR successful.

Plan for the Agenda

Setting the Agenda for the QBR is one of the key tasks. Make sure to pick the Agenda Items that will keep the focus on the company objectives. Each Agenda should a specific time slot and an owner who needs to plan, prepare and get the presentation material vetted.

Keep Time

There may be some over enthusiastic presenters, while others may be more subdued. Make sure, everyone get their fair share of presentations and Q&A.

Capture Action Items and Notes

Capture all Action Items that comes up during the Briefing with appropriate due date and assignee. And summarize discussions for future reference.


All action items, decisions, new initiatives needs to be followed-up till completion.

Retrospective Analysis

A retrospective of the meeting series and specifically the previous meeting should be done to track results and make improvements.

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George Thomas