Shibabrata Mondal - 05/Feb/2018

Save time with Automatic Summarization of your Documents


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An IDC study reported that on an average knowledge workers spent about 30% of their time searching for information. While one cannot do away with this time altogether, there are a few steps one can take to significantly reduce this.

There are three technologies that can help:

Advanced Enterprise Search

Enterprise search must understand the relationship of the document with the user and the relationship of the document creator and the user and rank documents accordingly.

Smart Sharing of Information

Sometimes, intelligent tools can share summary information to relevant users using advanced social techniques. This will help keep teams aware and up to date with the high level state of stuff. This can be done using personalized emails or news streams.

Automatic Document Summarization

Eventually, one needs to browse a set of documents to reach the right information one needs. Automatic summarization of documents can be of great help here.

automatic summarization

(Automatic Summarization of Documents in Wizergos)

Shibabrata Mondal