Shibabrata Mondal - 24/May/2017

The Tale of Two Types of Meetings


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When a group of people gets together for a meeting, it is always about collaborative problem solving. However, there are two very distinct types of meetings:

  • Tactical Meetings, and
  • Strategic Meetings.

Often people fail to recognise the difference and use the same tools and techniques to run these different type of meetings.

Tactical Meetings

These are meetings where the outcomes are on a short time horizon. Typically, about an ongoing program or some critical unforeseen issues. The common structure of these meetings are to present the current status, discuss and agree on the next steps and record the key Decisions made and assign the Action Items with due date to the right people. Post meeting one needs to follow-up and track the Action Items till completion. The best practises to run these type of meetings are discussed in detail in the blog How to run Productive Meetings. If one does a search on the internet on how to run meetings, most articles talk about these tactical meetings. While all the advice makes sense, it’s really hard to follow as a team. Maintaining all the information and tracking everything can get really tedious for even very organized people. Fortunately, software tools like Wizergos can be helpful in managing the data and tracking everything and making sure nothing ever falls through the cracks.

Strategic Meetings

These are meetings that focus on plans that will play out over a much longer time period. In these meetings teams discuss business problems, analyse available data, and brainstorm to come up with a plan. The key issue that most teams face in these meetings is not recording and tracking. It’s how to do brainstorming that brings out all the different perspectives of all participants and does not degenerate into groupthink. The blog How to avoid Groupthink in Brainstorming Meetings discuss a process and tool for these type of meetings.

One of the Common ingredients of both type of meetings is Decisions or Resolutions. You can read more about Making Decisions in Meetings in this article.

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Shibabrata Mondal