Shibabrata Mondal - 13/Apr/2016

Why Wizergos?

What can Wiz do for your Ergonomics?

Wiz: from wizard: (in legends and fairy tales) a person who has magical powers

Ergonomics: the study of people’s efficiency in their working environment

There are many project management tools in the world today. They all are trying to enforce some process within a project team. So why are we building a work management tool? What are the key issues we want to solve?

First of all, a key issue with today’s project management tools are that they are designed and developed with project managers or scrum masters in mind. The typical knowledge worker in a project does not see much self motivation to use the tool and keep the data updated. They see using and updating the data in the project management tools strictly as overhead with not much payback for them. They fail to adequately answer the question: “what’s in it for me?”.

The second important issue is that today’s popular project management tools view project management as an isolated problem disconnected from communication, collaboration, meetings, and a variety of other tasks that knowledge workers need to perform on a daily basis. This results in either complex and unwieldy integrations between various tools that were not designed to work together, or, an inadequate system to manage work.

Thirdly, most of these project management tools are designed to work only on desktops and are often quite complex and cumbersome to use. Today’s generation of knowledge workers needs to have access to the work management tools from anywhere, anytime, on any device and expects a simple and seamless user interface.

Finally, the currently available project management tools just work as record keepers of information and does not have any built-in intelligence to help the knowledge workers and project managers to do their work better. There is a growing need of smart analytics and data visualization in workplaces.

Wizergos work management tool attempts to address each of these issues.

We designed the tool with the knowledge worker in mind. Some of the features like automated status reports, smart standup meetings, information discovery, do-not-disturb, intelligent meeting scheduler, are specifically designed to help the knowledge worker be more productive.

Also we view project work as part of a larger context within which knowledge workers function. Hence we built one tool that the knowledge workers can use to do all their daily work. This includes meetings, action items, issues, information sharing and collaboration and some more to follow. All these are integrated in a way that helps to focus on their real work of creating value while the tool helps take care of the tedious work. Similarly, the ability to see the impact of a leave application on projects, meetings, and team members is an example of how an integrated tool can help.

Additionally, we designed the Wizergos Work Management tool with a mobile first approach to make all important functionality available from anywhere, anytime, any device. 

Lastly, the Wizergos work management tool is designed to generate useful data which helps the knowledge worker to be more productive. The tool’s information discovery provides work related information to everyone. Similarly, smart standup meetings, automated status reports, intelligent meeting scheduling features helps to focus on other value enhancing work.      

Try out Wizergos to see how it can help improve your team’s efficiency in their working environment.

Shibabrata Mondal