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Why you should add a Chatbot and Livechat on your Website


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One must have noticed a friendly chat window popup when one visits some websites these days. Many predict this small chat window will transform the way businesses interact with customers. This transformation is triggered by multiple shifts:

  • Advancement of technologies like natural language processing, language construction and speech processing.
  • Reducing cost of compute and communication.
  • Reducing size of the world where anyone in any corner of the earth can do business with anyone else in any other corner of the earth 24×7.
  • Information overload in the world where finding the right information one is looking for is no longer easy and quick.
  • Choice overload in the world with too many products and services to choose from. Choosing a product or service now is more difficult than buying coffee at Starbucks.

While there are many use cases of chatbot and livechat solutions, use of this new technology on websites that fall in any of these below categories will rapidly increase in the next few years.

  • A website that helps in new customer acquisition (even if customers don’t purchase the product directly on the website).
  • A website that provides a lot of information that is useful to your prospects, partners, or current customers.
  • A website that provides a service to internal or external stakeholders, like support portal, HR portal, IT support portal.
  • E-commerce website that directly sale various products and services.
  • Job listing pages.

If you are responsible for any of the above type of websites, read on.

While we are talking about websites, the same is applicable if you own and manage smart phone APPs that fall in the above categories. Below is a list of why you should add a hybrid Chatbot and Livechat solution on your website:

  • Improved Conversion Rate: studies have shown implementing a chat solution on website has improved conversion rates by 20%. (Source AMA)
  • Improved Customer Satisfaction: many studies have shown customers who interacted with businesses via chat solutions are most satisfied. Satisfied customers provide great reviews and referrals which further increase your top line growth. Additionally, satisfied customers are more likely to bring repeat business.

Satisfaction levels for customer service: at 73% for chat, compared with 61% for email and 44% for phone. (Source: Econsultancy)

For online shopping 72% of customers are satisfied or very satisfied, but it increases to 92% when live chat is used. (Source: Econsultancy)

  • Up-sell Opportunities: When customers are engaged in chat during buying decision they bought 10% more. (Source: Forrester)
  • Always ON Business: a good chatbot helps you keep your business open 24×7.
  • Business at the speed of thought: getting the right information and product help at the right time helps improve the speed with which business transactions are conducted.

The above are a few reasons one should look into implementing a chat solution on their website.

Do you want to explore implementation of a hybrid chatbot and livechat solution? Reach out to us at for more information.


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