Shibabrata Mondal - 17/Mar/2016

Manage all your work not just your Projects


Traditionally work got divided into two categories:

  • Project work: This type of work is temporary in nature and has a well defined start and end. These are things like a new software development project or a new bridge construction project. This type of work is typically not repetitive. Although many projects are very similar they are never exactly same as something done previously. Estimating the effort on projects are often very difficult and hence they bring in a lot of unpredictability in planning and budgeting process.
  • Operational work: This type of work is repetitive. These are things like payroll processing in accounts department. Because of the repetitive nature operational work they are typically well planned and very precisely measured.

The modern knowledge worker might also have a lot of smaller on-demand work that neither falls in the project category nor in the operational category. Most knowledge workers end up juggling between project work, operational work, and some on-demand work on a daily basis.

Finally there are many supporting activities like meetings, organizational management, hiring, mentoring, training, team building, communicating, collaborating, etc that together constitute the work activities of a knowledge worker.

While there are a multitude of project management tools to choose from, there are no comprehensive work management tools that can help the knowledge workers to plan, manage and track all their work. Due to this isolation from the rest of the work project management tools fail to work effectively. It is often seen as a tool for the project manager. Knowledge workers see it as an overhead because it does not deliver much value to them. Hence we often see knowledge workers not using project management tools beyond the extent their organizations and project managers force them to do. This significantly reduces the overall effectiveness of project management tools. A comprehensive work management tool that helps the knowledge worker do their job more effectively will drive up engagement levels that would make project management much more efficient.

With Wizergos’ meeting management, action item management, project management, team management, documents, blogs, information management and sharing, one can manage and track all work of individuals and teams in one integrated application.

Try Wizergos to see how it can help you manage all your team’s work.

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Shibabrata Mondal